Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Normally for Free Shipping, 3-5 Business Days. During the contingency, the time went up to 6-10 business days. Lately we noticed that some orders sent with USPS (DHL/Xparcel) can take 14+ business days :(

Are you taking a long time to send my order?

No! We want you to know that we understand how important your orders are and the products you need. That's why we send the orders in just 1 or 2 days after they were made. Monday to Friday our team works so that all orders leave on time.

So why are they taking so long?

Unfortunately for the Mail. USPS has closed some distribution centers and the remaining ones are completely overcapacity in packages. We understand and share your frustration with this situation. But we also understand that right now the USPS staff is also doing their best, often with limited employees or lack of health.

So what can be done? You can't see that my package is moving!

For now, we ask you to please wait a little longer. We know that it is taking the orders and it seems that they are not moving. But rest assured that they are. Lately we noticed that USPS takes time to update the Guia information until they are almost ready to deliver the package. It is very sad that they do this right now because it leaves us all without much information about the package but many times we see that the package is suddenly ready to be delivered the next day.

And if my package doesn't arrive, what happens to my money and my order?

Nothing is more important to us than you, our esteemed customers. Rest assured that in one way or another we will make sure it is okay! Either we send another order by another method or that a return is made. We only ask for a little time.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by Chat or by Phone and we will be happy to help you! And thank you very much again for your patience and for being one of our valued clients.

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